Frequently Asked Questions

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Answers to.... How do I edit my account, or edit my Profile page? How do I create my own Blog? and especially.... Why am I not getting site emails?

Please open THIS POPUP WINDOW (permit popups and javascripts for our site if asked) and watch the help video(s).
NEWS FLASH!! - see THIS LIST as we have identified members who have NON-WORKING email addresses! Otherwise, if you're NOT on the list......

ONLY TWO SOLUTIONS (read Email Notice) then, you can either:
ONE - click Request new password to receive a new TIME-SENSITIVE login link sent to your email address we have on file - *Note*: if it doesn't arrive in your INBOX, you have an email problem - or....
TWO - click Contact (address to User Admins or Webmaster) if you *Do have* an email problem - to provide us your username and current/correct email address.
Click on Directory (apply appropriate filter) for your EXACT username. If an application for an account was made recently and you're not listed in the directory, please be patient as approvals are performed by volunteers. A common misconception of new members is that they created a password when they registered - NOT TRUE! - first-time logins are ONLY made via a link sent in your welcome/approval email. If you never received it, or an inquiry after several days, you have an email problem.
A short time after purchasing any downloadable file product, to keep our website costs low, you'll actually receive a file (under the "Files" tab at "My account") that will be named "link_to_xxx.txt" (where "xxx" = product name). That file will have the download URL link(s) to the file(s) that you purchased.

Downloadable files can get quite large - especially video files. To store them on our own website could require enormous amounts of both disk space and bandwidth which would drive our costs up dramatically. Additionally, especially with video files, the "product" may consist of multiple files as there is a limit to the size of individual files - thereby requiring the download of more than one file to get the complete product.
Without getting too technical, both (Mozilla) FireFox and (Google) Chrome can load web site pages faster and take advantage of more features that are offered on our site than Internet Explorer. One of the reasons is that they aren't trying to do "all things for all people".

We strongly recommend using one or the other when visiting our web site - or try both of them and see which one you like better - you can always uninstall either.

Short answer - You don't!
But - to see All of the site, contribute content, view members' profiles, yearbooks (if any), communicate with members, buy products, earn points - *and to Sign-up for Reunion Events* - you'll need to register. See Why have this site? video.

Although it's mainly to protect member data (as yours will be), maintaining a "Semi-private" site also eliminates spammers joining just to post "junk".

A "side" benefit of registering is for "uninterested" classmates. Registering removes your name from the missing or "lost" list, so other classmates will stop trying to "find" you.

Firstly - those doing the "approving" (User Admins) are volunteers, and we can use more help, so pitch in and speed things up!.

Secondly - maintaining a "Semi-private" site screens out spammers. If there wasn't a screening process, anyone with a computer and an internet connection could join.

For attendee lists, possible name tag usage and especially signup limits, as unknown "visitors" can't be counted toward a signup limit, if any.